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Office to study in Canada

Study visa for Canada
In Canada you can apply for a student visa. To obtain it you need to have a series of documents that we present here. It is very important to take into consideration that before starting to process everything to obtain the student visa it is fundamental that you have very clear what you are going to study and where. Once you have that ready, the next thing to do is to fill out an application form and send it to the embassy. Be sure to include:

English certificate showing the level of English they are asking for. (This is not always necessary).
Certificate of previous studies.
Photocopy of your passport.
Proof of economic solvency.
Proof of visa photo.
Acceptance letter from the institution where you are going to study.
6 photos (passport size).
2. Study with the Tourist Visa
On the other hand, take into consideration that if the Canadian Government approves you a Tourist Visa; you can study for a period not exceeding three months. This gives you the opportunity to experience firsthand what life is like in an educational institution. Many people take advantage of the Tourist Visa facility to find out if Canada is the right country for them.

Other requirements to study in Canada
It all depends on the course in which you want to participate in Canada, but, in general, you may need a number of other requirements. Remember that studying abroad is a process that does not end when your student visa is approved. In that sense, if you want to study a postgraduate degree, a master’s degree or a specialization, you need to show your certificate of higher education. It must be previously homologated or apostilled. This is a procedure that you carry out in your country of origin and allows your university degree to have international validity.

It is also important that you bring a certificate of your English level. If you are going to take a language course, it is not necessary that you are an expert, but you must be able to bring a certification endorsed by an institute that supports you. You can present the IELTS or CAE.

Likewise, it is important that you present medical evidence. It is necessary that a doctor evaluates your physical and mental condition. This way, you will avoid medical complications in Canada. As advice we recommend you to contract a good medical insurance. This will help you to achieve your goal of studying in Canada.

Some educational institutions will ask you to tell the reasons that lead you to study in that country and, mainly, why you chose that institution. You have to be as sincere as possible in this motivational letter. Use simple and direct language, but do not forget the formalities. In the letter tell who you are, what you do and why you want to continue your studies abroad.

Finally, present your proof of financial solvency. That is to say, your bank documents that certify that you can pay your stay in Canada and meet the costs of student tuition.

How much does it cost to study in Canada?
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The cost of studying in Canada is one of the most frequently asked questions. Among the expenses you must include the student permit. This is paid after enrolling in an institution and is around USD 220.

Language courses have a variation in their costs because it affects the level or type of study. But, in general, prices range from USD 1,100 to USD 1,800 per month. University studies are planned for each semester. Costs usually range from USD 9,000 to USD 12,000.

Master’s degrees are the most expensive. For example, the prices to study a master’s degree in Canada range from USD 2,000 to USD 45,000 for the complete program. Here you must consider that according to the area of study the prices can increase. Other studies such as diplomas or certificates can be done from USD 7,000 per semester.

When you make your budget do not forget to add the value of your accommodation (you can go from USD 900 to USD 2000 per month) and other personal or transportation expenses.

How to study in Canada?
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If it has crossed your mind what you should do and how to go to study in Canada, here are the following tips that are indispensable:

1. Look for all the information
Look for all the information you can about the costs you have to cover, the ideal city for you, what you are going to study, what kind of jobs you can apply for, among others. Having this type of knowledge will give you more confidence to study in Canada. Also, if you research as much as you can, you won’t feel so lost or out of place.

2. Make a definite decision
Stop seeing the possibility of studying in Canada as a dream and go visualize yourself. There is nothing better than having clarity in our goals. So take a chance and start organizing all the documentation. Rec

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